Extra virgin olive oil of Greece

The Cretanthos    interested in the full confidence of   consumers in electronic markets, but also the low cost of the products they   buy. This trust ensures the security of inspiring, contemporary way of   shopping and clear charges.

You can pay by   the following 3 ways:


You can pay   upon receipt of your product the equivalent of an official courier, mail or   at the headquarters of transport.

COD costs are   EUR 2 for orders up to 9 bottles or 11 cans of 0,5 L.

  For orders over, the charges on delivery is free.

  The possibility of payment on delivery does not apply for orders outside of   Greece.

  You can deposit your money in one of the following bank accounts:

  National bank: IBAN GR  GR5301102580000025875774942


  Immediately after sending your order you receive an e-mail account with your   confirmation of your order and billing information, which you can print.

After the   money, you send us  by e-mail to email sales@cretanthos.gr    the items on the   nominal deposit    (Bank,  order number, date,   amount) or nominal deposit scanned.
  After sending the depositary, you are sending e-mail in your account that we   have and move to the mission of your order.

Delivery time   begins from the date of e-mail.


For those who   have an account with PAYPAL you can pay your account with safe and reliable   way by making a payment of PAYPAL.

If you proceed   your order and get in the "Payment", select "By PAYPAL». Then   automatically be redirected to the PAYPAL system where safely communication   (SSL 128 BIT) complete the transaction after you enter your personal   information in the introductory form of PAYPAL.
  Automatically after the payment, send your e-mail account you have given in   the PAYPAL invoice or bill payment.

We send you   e-mail to the Accounts give you CRETANTHOS  with confirmation of your order and any   billing information, which you can print.