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“Every olive leaf dripped … light” - Nikos Kazantzakis

It has been titled as the basis of Mediterranean diet and its qualities have been praised many times and by many people, experts or not. The truth however is that olive oil is much more than that. Under the holy olive tree lies an ancient culture. A culture of civility, nobility, collaboration, hard work, patience, faith and utmost respect for our land. The olive tree sustained our fathers and nurtured our children. It is an honor for us to live under its shade, water it with our sweat and serve it with devotion and awe.

Cretanthos is extra virgin organic olive oil.

It is born in Crete (Aggeliana of Mylopotamos) periphery - an area officially protected for its name and location by the European codes of P.O.P./P.G.E. - from olive trees of the famous green olive variety, “Koroneiki”. Our trees are fertilized exclusively with manure, while no insecticides have ever been applied on them. The olives are collected when purely green and raw and grinded using the Cold Pressed Oil method. That is to blame for its extra judicious taste and its golden-green color. This is our wealth. This is our legacy.

The philosophy of Cretanthos consists in the triptych: “High quality, small quantity , strict control of selling products”. This obliges her to dispose to the market only of those quantities for which she can guarantee the highest quality : If they are consumed, Cretanthos waits patiently for next year’ s crop.

Cretanthos - Cretan, Few, Valuable.


Cretanthos presentation

health claim

''Cretanthos'' biological olive oil is very rich in antioxide polyphenols (>5mg/20g) and accordingly to the Regulation 432/2012 helps το the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress.

Daily dose>20 g olive oil

(Analysis results in www.cretanthos.gr / Certifications)